Saturday, November 03, 2007

Top 3 LIA luxuries!

Today, one of my friend was telling me a list of things he loves in american life. It sparked my thoughts and i was wondering what would be things that i get here which i'll miss back home. Here is that short count down

3. Water
A sound proof what a person who lived 27+ yrs in Chennai dreams of. Back @ home, can i imagine a day taking 30 mins shower; hmmm after r2i, i should put it in a box and bury it 100 miles deep. I hope i can atleast get a couple of buckets of non-saline and some what clear water to take bath.

2. Interstate
As a guy who commuted entire part of his life in public transportation, this is something beyond luxury. Recollecting days in 18J and 47D, no question on India's population. But i see there is some hope on getting better road.

1. Long evenings & Nature
I don't know if this two should be split, but may be these two are some what related and hence shares number one position. I can easily count the number of times i reached home in day light; from there to a place with daylight till 9 PM, there is no words to express. Either it be a national park or city park next door, there is very little i happen to visit in chennai, probably there are places out there but either not easily accessible or known, but i highly doubt i'd have got a chance to walk in knee deep snow or drive on a frozen lake, hike a nature trail in deep woods, 1000 color fall season or tour an underground cave.

How much i'm going to miss these? quite a bit, but i lived in Chennai for most part of my life and i can go back taking these pleasant memories. There will be days where we have a kaakaa kuliyal and rush(!) to office in 1+ hr, get back home after sunset and switch on "Good nite" mat and wake up with 10 kosu kadi's; did i mention we also try to live a life in between.

"Veni, Vidi, Vici" -Julius Caesar

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