Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Decade after college

Whooph! its going to be a decade from completion of my bachelor. Gone are those days, one-and-half hour commute, missing morning classes promptly, never caring to listen to lecturer in the class, making sure to just clear attendance level needed, after announcement of exam schedule; running around to xerox class notes and previous question papers, so called group study(!), cramming thro' the exams, luckily (may be with little intelligence) cleared exams without arrears (never worried about occasional stamps).

I can happily recollect the morning of last exam of the course (i think automobile engg), didn't study major part of a chapter and told to a classmate "if i can clear so many papers in past, i should be able to clear this w/o studying this chapter", don't know if that was foolish optimism or damn crap. Other unforgettable paper is mechanics of machines, for some crap reasons didn't attend most part of the class and hence forced to learn from book all by myself. End of the college, did pass out with a decent above average score. Life after that was not so easy, had to toil a bit to get into masters degree and had to take that one little bit serious.

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