Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Innovation: Buzz (?)

This should be most abused word, everyone is talking, from presidential candidate's to blue chip's and to your boss. By sheer happenstance i tuned to a presidential debate when american addiction to foreign oil was being discussed, two words i heard from many, one is innovation and other was hybrid. Personally i don't believe there is not going to be a ground breaking innovation (or invention?) in next decade and half, its going to be efficient engines, alternative fuels (not that ethanol crap) till a invention (fuel cell?) is mature for wide use. I did find a sore point in current hybrids "No cord to plug-in" is marketed as a feature; IMHO if its a electric it has to be plug-in.

Some of the big corporates expect innovation a big thing, which i totally agree, but they shouldn't expect few big innovations with million dollar savings but appreciate 1000+ small innovations. This reminds me Toyota production system and lean manufacturing, which aims at reducing waste's in the process using various concepts and continuous improvement. Concepts like Poka-Yoke, SPF, SMED and Kaizen wouldn't have come straight from drawing board, its all very simple innovations, improving efficiency and eliminating waste in the total value stream. பல துளி(யே) பெரு வெள்ளம்.

I strongly believe everyone has innovative ideas but most neglect it. I can fondly recollect old days, when i joined my first project it was 3 member team supporting an ERP application from offshore and client will log issues in a web based system and team used to hit IE refresh button every 5 mins to check if there is any issues logged. Innovations are born for need (and greed?), my unwillingness to do that mundane job, i used autorefresh meta tag and made the page self refreshing every 60 seconds. And there was a satirical comment, why do i even look at the screen; those were days i was just learning VB. Exactly 5 days later i was running a small VB program that will notify updates thro' mail, which was later coded to send SMS notification to support cellphone (though it was not implemented due to costs). Few days back i was able to share the same idea to team here and send SMS notification of prod issues and avoid staring at mailbox. Here is list of email-to-sms mail addresses for US carriers.

உலகத்துல உன்னை விட பெரியவன் யாரும் இல்லை அதனால யாருக்கும் பயப்படாதே அதே மாதிரி உன்னை விட சின்னவன் யாரும் இல்லை அதனால நீ யாரையும் தாழ்வா நினைக்காதே!!!
-அய்யம்பேட்டை அறிவுடை நம்பி கலியபெருமாள் சந்திரன்
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Anonymous said...

Innovation perla unga project'la adikara koothu thanga mudiyala sami

Anonymous said...

But thanks for the email-to-sms option, that will help us a lot :)