Saturday, January 08, 2011

Shoot-out in Tucson

I watched all those tireless tv ads from Giffords and Kelly in last year election, and Giffords win which could have been so close to trigger re-counting. By look of it, i liked her more centrist approach unlike Grijalva from down-below, who i saw more of left-wing.

Interestingly, first thing i wanted to see what Sarah Palin tweeted, i don't think she had any influence in this, but it was fun to hear that her "cross-hair" map disappeared moments after shooting. For past one year, it was too much from right-wing and tea-party extreme nuts, with all those hatred on-air, i almost immediately scan away from 104.1 truth fm or else i'll end up hearing some right-wing nut screaming that Obama had to do something with rising onion prices in India.

On the same topic, Tucson was in every channel for last few hours, and i got calls from many, just checking if everyone is safe. I missed getting a single call from my company, checking if all employees are safe. I don't know, may be i'm being too left and socialistic, expecting that middle mgmt to give a call and check if their employees are safe, given our office/apts located just one intersection from Giffords office and almost someone drives on oracle rd (close to shooting spot) to get indian groceries on weekends. May be they expect to get the news on Monday morning if someone didn't turn up in office; how are we going to make-up one less in billing sheet, that might be big project concern :(


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