Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Scraps for this week

- The .NET Framework 3.5 Common Namespaces and Types Poster

- iTextSharp. Good/Free/Open-source pdf library. Collection of samples here. Original Java library's ebook.

- Today development site was pointing to prod db and client support team told me this even happens in reverse and they told me biz component uses db config from dll's app.config and hence they recompile the dll with different environment config. First reaction to what is happening stumped me, I was under assumption when web app used this component, component should be erroring out as these config entries are not available in web.config or in worst case retrieved empty string as values. Looks like .net embeds, compile time config entries as default values in the assembly. Some more light to what is happening under the hood here.

- Strange skies

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