Sunday, April 22, 2007

Watermark photo date and time

I wanted to superimpose the picture taken date in the photo's saved from my digital camera, i don't know if i really read thro' the digital camera manual, this doesn't seem to be possible, so after a while had some fun with coding (Ahem... Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V code stitching)

This utility reads the picture information available as EXIF attribute and stamps a watermark in the photo, now i can print those with the date and time on the photo.

Needs .net 2.0 framework, copy jpg's to folder where exe is located and run the binary or you can prefer to pass the folder path as cmd-line argument.
WARNING: Doesn't implement Lossless JPEG Transforms, so image resolution will degrade, shouldn't be a big problem if you are planning to print 5-by-7 and not a poster.

Pls feel free to extend the source to a full fledged app with decent user interface and implement lossless jpeg transformation.

Update 4/28: Some more code stitching and got the windows app interface for the same core logic, find the application and source.

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Andrea said...

I also wanted to do the same and looking for the way with the help of which I can easily add the date. Through this post I am not able to fully understand how you have performed this task. Can you please provide some more detailed info.