Sunday, December 03, 2006

How much time should it take to watch a tamil movie?

< 60 secs !

Yes that's all it took today for movie Rendu, what do they think when they make tamil movies, this will only stop if audience have a FF option in theater's. Whatever, here is a link to a site which holds few HQ movies, one of different ways to catch hold of divx in net.

BTW, If you have collection of divx movies, checkout Phillips DVP3040, i got one, this Thanksgiving day for $30 and it plays allmost all my formats i have, one thing to note though it doesn't have DTS decoder, but i think it is better that way and get a good HTS receiver.

Update 12/17 :- Looking for tamilgrounds coupon, one of my colleague shared the info about this v.good paysite YAMS, where you can download DVD rips of tamil / hindi / telugu movies @ $11/month, you will look no further.

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