Saturday, October 21, 2006

$0 PDA

I was listening to Soma's (MSFT) interview in Merina today, he quoted "... thing that is common to any human is *Time* ... everyone has only 24 hrs a day ...", if you think about it a bit, we can appreciate importance of time management, so here is my blog on poor man's personal organizer, IMHO pen on paper is simple and best.

With so many hifi PDA devices in the market, here is one which costs you nothing. You don't have to carry a charger, it won't annoy you with reminder chimes and best of all you don't have to write a fat check to get one. Before you decide to click the link, sit back and question yourself why you need a PDA, if you think of just a personal organizer, check these out PocketMod & D.I.Y Planner.

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