Thursday, September 07, 2006

Chennai satellite town

Irrespective of what Ramadoss/JJ/KK thinks about the chennai satellite town, this is going to come up. Reason cited for objection "destroying fertile lands", CRAP! what if NY residents opposed to so called encroachment of urban buildings some 100 yrs back; ok tamil heroine's will have to look for different city to dance around, nothing much.

Current facilities is super sufficent for chennai city (if we can roll back 10 yrs). What leaders don't have is a vision (Dr. APJ strsses this in almost all his speeches), even the most hated Hitler had a vision to make Germany a modern nation, if not they will not have Autobahn now. Hmm, why should J needs to worry if she has to identify something everyday to spit out "arrikai".

Nothing is going to improve if TN politics is going to roll around J & K.

Vande Mataram!

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