Wednesday, March 15, 2006

C# and VB.NET

After developing .NET apps using C# for a long time, i'm now into VB.NET. I recollect old days where i was forced into C# from VB and my initial aversion over VB coming from C++. All along my .NET years i presumed VB.NET is C# w/o a ;.

Being developer for quite some time, i think language preference (especially .NET langs, JAVA) is mere personal adoration, i didn't had privilege to choose .NET over J2EE. Reason why Microsoft prefers to code in C# may be due to the fact, they have lot of C++ developers and hence transistion to C# should have been easy. And my first annoyance with VB.NET, feature go to matching ending brace with keyboard shortcut Ctrl + [ is not working or may be i don't know that. Speaking of VS.NET shortcuts, you may want to look at O'Reilly's Mastering Visual Studio .NET Shortcut Key Guide

My googling on Syntactical differences and comparison between VB.NET and C#.

Microsoft white paper on Differences Between Visual Basic .NET and Visual C# .NET

MSDN Language Equivalents comparing different .NET languages

Frank McCown's, C# and VB.NET Comparison quick reference guide
Steven Swafford's, C# and VB.NET Comparison Cheat Sheet a derivative of Frank’s comparison, option to download the material in PDF or Word doc.

There is hell a lot of code translators out there and I doubt full fledged use, but a good tool for developer who moves from one (.NET) language to another,
Alex Lowe's
Kamal Patel's
Carlos Aguilar Mares's Translation (VB.NET to C# and vice versa)
& a commercial tool

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