Sunday, January 15, 2006

RSG! The End.


Alas RSG! Sees the final install (Slow-Roll) and looking back this 2.5 year long program all i can think of is HUGE from all aspects (complexity, code size, team size, ...) Anyone who worked on this will have a lot of things to take with.

Still few things are left like Prod. support and end state switch to all SQL. Talking of that i am more than happy to write that 2 lines of code to return SQL in switch component (XXXX0173, just in case i forget this abused component name)

Some facts on the program, i happen to gather after a while
  • 5 Major releases
  • 3500 Programs
  • 1.8 Tb of disk space
  • 350K batch jobs per month
  • 490 - Peak team size
  • 3837 Person Months
  • 900 GB of data from DB2 to SQL Server (913 tables)
  • 7 million lines of legacy code replaced with 1.5 million lines of code
  • 70% reduction in code base
I'll take that for a huge project!

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