Friday, November 04, 2005

Hurray! End of Prod Support.

I have to agree, you can be a expert in architecting systems, but knack of fixing a production issue can't be compared to that. If you think zeroing in the problem code is tough, the tougher part is yet to come, no isn’t fixing the code, fixing the corrupted data, i was so lucky that i had to meet this scenario more than once.

Whatever today is end of 45 day support for R2/3, meaning no more calls from operators during nights and weekends! If we find bugs in production after so much testing, one should understand the fact, bug free system is more a difficult task as the size and complexity of the system increases. NUnit/TDD power is only as good as test fixture's strength.

But after initial hiccups, the system did come back and stabilize pretty well, may be it will become as good as mainframe as time goes, okay, at least before this becomes legacy hahaha...

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