Sunday, August 28, 2005

.NET Logging Framework (Options)

After seeing the limitations with EIF, i would like to see other logging options.

Will update this post, once i get full details ...

okay for now the issues we face with EIF,
EIF configuration for COM+ and GAC components (esp we have a lot of common components) is not deployment friendly;
No option to log to a text file;
No decent tracelogs viewer utility, one that comes with install is kids play;
CustomSink seems to be really costly if used with full force

But i have to agree, EIF's configuration power meets any enterprise demands, but i heard there won't be a version for Whidbey.

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Douglas M. White said...

Hi Sasi, this is Doug White, I used to work with you at Schwans. Sounds like you're still having issues with EIF? They still haven't gotten it to work with the move and build utilities I take it?