Wednesday, March 09, 2005

thnx guys :-)

It’s high time that i should appreciate my offshore designer/developers/future architects in Chennai, TN, India. We are about to test our new system in onsite and its better i thank them now, before we get to usual onsite-offshore conflict. As i recollect, actually i don't remember any such incidents, may be i am lucky or guys were so tolerant to my crap comments on their design/code ;-)

Being a first project in their career for many, everybody put up a great show. All the best of your future endeavors and of course to our upcoming testing phase. Enough blabber, here goes my offshore development team, following the tradition; it was not intentional if i leave any name here and the list is not sorted in any order of preference.

Annecca E, Praveen A, Ramesh babu C, Roopesh Kumar CJ, Dhanasekar E, Neeraja K, Ramesh Kulothungan K, Muthu Anitha SK, Sajitha N, Ganesan S, Annam S, Prasanna S, Sonu S, Kamalesh Kumar & Suhanya J

If i had to tell anything, it would be, "There is always a better design!" (may be not from me) Good luck and happy .netting

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