Monday, December 27, 2004

SE Asian Tsunami & Bonehead Indian Television Channels

Deepeset condolences to all those who lost their lives & dear ones.

0100 GMT :The 8.9 magnitude quake occurs under the sea near Aceh in northern Indonesia, generating a wall of water that speeds across thousands of kilometres of sea
0130 GMT :Eyewitnesses on Phuket island's main beach experience a series of towering waves which hit the coast around this time
0430 GMT : Reports emerge that tidal waves have flooded southern and eastern areas of Sri Lanka, 1,600km (1,000 miles) from the epicentre
0540 GMT : Reports from the southern Indian city of Madras say tidal waves have claimed lives

My father lives in Madras, India, one of the city affected by Tsunami. I learned from him that there was atleast 1 to 11/2 hrs time between the tremor and tsunami effect. And WORST part is none of the TV channels had a foresight of letting people know the Tsunami effect and warning them.

Yeah i know word "Tsunami" is new for billions of people who live in india, but don't we have even a handful of knowledgable person, can't this big TV giants catch hold of them and get some insight of the after effects of the quake.

My sole reason to blame TV is, only known mass communication that we have there is TV & Radio. I came to know there were usual (and useless) movies & cine songs were being aired at that time. And i am a strong believer that it is impossible for the indian govt wheel to up and run in this short period of time.

All said and done, i pray for those soles who lost thier life. Sadly my belief in Lemuria continent and Kaveripoompattinam is more stronger than ever.

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